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A technology podcast from Apple geeks Dan Moren, John Moltz, and Lex Friedman

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10: I Did It All for the Nokia
Nokia's new Android tablet is a topic of hot discussion with John, Lex, and Dan this week, as are Uber's shenangians and the latest iPhone knockoff.
36:40 | 33.6 MB

This episode is not actually brought to you buy The Visual Guide to Minecraft. That's a book the Moltz has co-written and it's not really a sponsor because of ethics in game podcasting.

Also not sponsoring this issue is the brand-new Nokia N1. Certainly not after what we said about it, anyway. See if you can identify the substance in the bowl. We wonder if this kind of thing is covered in Apple and Nokia's cross-licensing deal.

Then we talk about the Uber kerfuffle and whether or not we'll be deleting the app. We're definitely down on it, even though Apple's not perfect, either.

Alas, you missed your chance to get a sweet iPhone 6 knockoff.

You may soon be able to get an iPhone battery case with a Lightning port. Finally.

Lex has a case from Unu which he has no complaints about.

Dan sold some devices to Gazelle and reports that they'll bump up what they give you if they think your device is in better shape than what you reported. Of course, they'd probably do the opposite, too.